Reaching the perfect quality in all areas of operation
Whatever we envisage, we produce and deliver!

We are committed to our work. For products we develop, we live night and day. In doing so, we carefully examine the formulas and closely monitor the chemical compounds for the composition of our products.

Advanced testing devices are complemented by special furnaces, UV testers, tools and high-quality technical equipment. With the help of all of this, we perform our work better than other providers - we ensure that the products are made only of the best materials.

We don't rely on coincidences. Our laboratory is involved in regular monitoring of all phases of the production process, testing each series with daily samples.

With the support of leading manufacturers of raw materials and experienced car refinishers, we upgrade our knowledge and develop skills that enable us to move to the new frontiers. We believe that only by reaching the perfect quality in all areas of operation, our customers can take their work forward and leave their competitors behind.

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To all our distributors Silco guarantees longterm partnership agreement, pre-defined customer protection, technical and commercial training, localized technical documentation.

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